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Master’s students: get support and insights from Engage 2

Rome, January 26th 2024 – Are you an ambitious Master’s student seeking to enhance your academic journey and gain valuable industry insights? If so, we invite you to explore an exciting opportunity to receive tailored support and potentially participate in enriching experiences promoted by Engage 2.

Support for MSc theses and other benefits

We are offering support to university students who are in the process of working on the Master’s thesis, starting from February 2024. This support will encompass various aspects, including:

  • Assistance with thesis topic identification
  • Peer-review of the thesis regarding technical content towards the completion of the drafting process
  • Discussion on potential career paths

To further enrich your academic experience, we are pleased to offer additional benefits to selected students, such as participation in international ATM events and internship opportunities with CANSO members.

Eligibility and application

To submit your application, please contact the Engage 2 coordinator at the email address with “MSc students opportunity” in the subject line.

To be eligible, you must be a Master’s student already in the process of working on your thesis, with at least a version available in English for Engage to review, as it develops. The thesis topic must be in the ATM sector but can vary and doesn’t need to be directly related to the thematic challenges of Engage 2.

We encourage you to seize this opportunity to elevate your Master’s experience and gain valuable industry insights.

Engage 2 seeks academic input on aviation curricula modernization

Rome, January 17th 2024 – Engage 2 is reaching out to the academic community in the aviation field to gather insights on how curricula can be adapted to align with upcoming trends in ATM.

The survey, accessible here, seeks to understand the perspectives of academic institutions and faculty on how ATM curricula can be modernized to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. The collected data will be utilized to inform academic decisions and ensure that aviation education remains relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.

A closer collaboration between academia and industry is essential for ensuring that the next generation of ATM professionals is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to meet the demands of the future. This survey is a crucial step in gathering valuable input from the academic community to guide our ongoing efforts to modernize aviation curricula.

The survey comprises a series of questions designed to assess the current state of ATM curricula, identify areas for improvement, and explore potential strategies for modernization. Responses will be kept confidential and aggregated to preserve anonymity.
Engage 2 encourages all members of the academic community to participate in this survey to contribute to the advancement of aviation education and the future of ATM. By actively involving academia in the modernization process, we can ensure that the next generation of ATM professionals is well-equipped to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead