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                    Call for PhDs

Engage 2 has issued a call for PhDs aimed at advancing air traffic management (ATM). This initiative offers a crucial opportunity to support researchers in developing their ideas, contributing significantly to the evolution of the European ATM system.

The NEW deadline for submissions is April 2, 2024, with a total of 600,000 euros available for selected candidates. The initiative supports groundbreaking research and collaboration in ATM, focusing on the long-term evolution of the European system. Applicants, whether individual entities or consortia, are encouraged to address a broad range of innovative and interdisciplinary projects. The selection criteria prioritize impact on ATM, scientific relevance, research plan quality, and academic merit. Besides financial support, Engage 2 offers learning opportunities, including summer schools and workshops.

For more information and submission details, visit the link or contact Engage 2 at with the subject line “PhD Call.”

Call for PhD closed on 2 April 2024. The selection process is now underway. The ten winners will be announced in mid-May and will receive financial support along with learning opportunities through summer schools and workshops. Stay tuned for the announcement on the Engage 2 channels.