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Author: Lucía Vaamonde

Engage 2 lights up SESAR Annual Conference 2023 with innovative vision for future ATM

Rome, 13 October 2023 – The SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking Annual Conference, a key event in aviation’s digital transformation, marked a central point for industry leaders committed to modernising air traffic management (ATM) and aligning it with EU climate goals. The gathering in Brussels, at the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels Airport, has been the occasion to meet relevant stakeholders and people working on other EU projects who could become active players in Engage 2 activities.

Engage 2 thrived in the conducive environment of the exhibit, fostering invaluable networking opportunities with other innovative projects. Such meetings are essential for catalysing collaboration and ushering in a new era of ATM improvements contributing towards a more efficient European airspace.

Crucially, the conference served as a platform for generating significant interest in Engage 2’s ongoing Thematic Challenge call, which remains open until October 31st, 2023. Stakeholders are called upon to propose challenges in the field of ATM that are not covered by SESAR projects yet.

Additionally, the consortium behind Engage 2 took the opportunity to circulate the questionnaire aimed at gathering insight into the major technological challenges faced in the realm of ATM. The information collected will provide valuable feedback and guide the consortium’s future strategies.

Engage 2’s vision is to bridge the ever-growing gap between industry and academia. As we speed into the digital age, where challenges are as frequent as the innovations to face them, there’s a distinct need for the next wave of aviation professionals to be well-equipped. Engage 2 stands out with its aim to to inspire, educate, and recalibrate the skills of these individuals, ensuring they are not just participants but leaders in the digital era of aviation.

As the SESAR Annual Conference attendees saw, Engage 2 is setting the standard for the future of ATM with its emphasis on innovative research.