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Engage 2 announces a PhD Call to support European ATM research

Rome, December 18th 2023 – Engage 2 has announced a call for PhDs dedicated to advancing ATM. This initiative will provide an important occasion for supporting researchers in the development of their ideas and contribute to the evolution of the European ATM system.

The deadline for submissions is the 18th of February 2024, and the selection process will be overseen by the Engage 2 Awards Board, comprising consortium members, SESAR representatives, research and industry partners. This initiative represents a significant step in supporting groundbreaking research and collaboration in the field of air traffic management in Europe.

A total of 600.000 euros has been allocated to financially support PhD candidates, with each project being eligible for up to 60.000 euros. This funding will enable researchers to explore innovative ideas, with an emphasis on Engage 2 thematic Challenges as identified through the open call ended in October.

Applicants are encouraged to focus on the long-term evolution of the European ATM system, with proposals expected to include a comprehensive Research plan, financial planning, and the credentials of the academic supervisor. The selection criteria will prioritize impact on ATM, scientific relevance, quality of research plan, and the academic merit of the supervisor.

The call is open to individual entities or consortia, provided that at least one of the entities is an educational establishment authorized to issue PhDs. The research themes are not restricted to the current challenges outlined by Engage 2, allowing for a broad range of innovative and interdisciplinary projects.

In addition to financial support, Engage 2 will offer continuous learning opportunities, including summer schools and thematic workshops. These will enable PhD candidates to present their progress and interact with peers and industry experts, enhancing their research through collaboration and feedback.

For more information and submission details, interested parties can visit this link or contact the Engage 2 coordinator at the email address [using the subject line “PhD Call”].

Engage 2 at SESAR Innovation Days 2023

Rome, December 5th 2023 – In a remarkable meeting of Europe’s top Air Traffic Management (ATM) and aviation researchers, the SESAR Innovation Days 2023 in Seville saw the significant contributions from the Engage 2 project. The event, held from 27 to 30 November, was a hub of innovative ideas and groundbreaking research in the field.

Engage 2 marked its presence both in the poster exhibit and through a focused presentation by the Project Coordinator, Micol Biscotto, on the event’s final day. Micol Biscotto’s presentation shed light on Engage 2’s efforts in nurturing knowledge about future trends and fostering collaboration between academia and industry. At the SIDs Engage 2 also launched a survey to gather feedback on “The Impact of ATM Innovation on Academic Programmes” and presented the first four Engage 2 Thematic challenges selected by the Awards Board. The challenges are key areas of interest for upcoming Engage 2 initiatives, such as the call for PhDs and the call for Catalyst funding Projects.

SIDs 2023 Highlights

The SESAR Innovation Days, hosted by the University of Seville and supported by leading entities like SESAR 3 JU, ENAIRE, Indra, Ryanair, and AENA, featured an impressive array of 66 posters and 42 papers. These covered a broad spectrum of topics including safety and resilience prediction, climate-optimised trajectories, drone traffic management, and airport operations. The conference saw thought-provoking addresses by key figures like Andreas Boschen from SESAR 3 JU, Maria Luz de Mateo from ENAIRE, and Andrea Gentili from the European Commission. They emphasized the need for innovative thinking to address challenges like airspace capacity and climate change, and the importance of aligning research with policy needs. The event also celebrated upcoming talents through the SESAR Young Scientist Award, showcasing exceptional research by students and PhD candidates in aviation and ATM.

See you in Rome for the next edition of the SESAR Innovation Days!

Future Skies: TOMORROW’S VOICES. Inspiring the ambitions of future aviation leaders at Airspace World 2024

Rome, November 20th 2023Airspace World, the main event for airspace and near-space management –  running from 19-21 March 2024  in Geneva, Switzerland – is set to host Future Skies: TOMORROW’S VOICES. This initiative, organized by CANSO, Engage 2  and Firstfruits services, aims to inspire young aviation professionals and graduates.

The day is packed with sessions, a unique breakfast with industry CEOs, and an interactive Careers Fair, offering invaluable insights and networking opportunities in the aviation and air traffic management industries.

Visit the link and register now!

Future Skies: TOMORROW’S VOICES focuses on engaging discussion on ATM and UTM developments, and professional growth. This occasion will allow young talents to network with leaders, acquire knowledge, and potentially discover professional routes in the evolving aviation industry.

An incentive for early registration students includes a travel voucher for the first 30 sign-ups. Companies participating in this event will fostering growth and connections beneficial for both the individual and the organisation and strategically invest in their future workforce. 

Future Skies: TOMORROW’S VOICES is more than just a learning and networking event, it’s a platform for shaping the aviation leaders of tomorrow.

Road to SIDs 2023

Rome, November 9th 2023 –  In the rapidly evolving world of aeronautics, the upcoming SESAR Innovation Days stand as a crucial event, especially for the activities associated with Engage 2. The SIDs are not just a gathering of minds but also a platform for significant announcements and opportunities in the field. The SESAR Innovation Days 2023 will take place in Seville (Spain) from 27 till 30 November, hosted by the University of Seville at the Faculty of Engineering.

At the forefront of these announcements is the unveiling of the thematic challenges gathered during the call closed at the end of October. These challenges reflect the current pressing issues in the ATM field and the innovative solutions proposed by professionals and researchers worldwide. The announcement of these challenges is eagerly anticipated, as it will set the direction for future research and development efforts in the sector.

Furthermore, the event will be a significant opportunity for the Project Coordinator of Engage 2, Micol Biscotto (Deep Blue) to showcase the upcoming opportunities that the project will launch in the coming months. One of the most notable opportunities is the call for support to PhD students, set to be launched in early December. This initiative underscores Engage 2’s commitment to nurturing new talents and supporting the next generation of aeronautical experts.

The importance of the SIDs in networking is under the sun. With the participation of major stakeholders in the sector, the event promises to significantly expand the community of Engage 2. This expansion is not just in numbers but also in the quality of interactions, collaborations, and knowledge exchange. SIDs 2023 is ready to be a hub of innovative ideas, collaborations, and partnerships that will contribute to building the future of aviation.
For more information, visit

Engage 2 announces the results of the first call for Thematic Challenges

In a significant step towards advancing research in ATM, Engage 2 has successfully concluded its first call for Thematic Challenges. Launched in July 2023 and closed at the end of October, the initiative received 21 submissions. The challenges, as selected by Engage 2 Awards Board, encompass a range of research topics that are crucial to both current and future operational challenges in the ATM domain.

The Thematic challenges propose research topics not currently sufficiently addressed by SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking (and its predecessor programs like SESAR and SESAR2020) and identify key areas of interest for upcoming Engage 2 initiatives, such as the call for PhDs and the call for Catalyst funding Projects. The participants in the PhD and catalyst funding calls will be asked to address these challenges proposing innovative solutions.

After reviewing the proposals, the Awards Board members decided to cluster them in the following four umbrella thematic challenges:

  1. Climate impact analysis and mitigation for ATM-related non CO2-emissions: topics should address climate friendly trajectories and flow management (like Continuous Descent Operations, formation flying, etc.)
  2. The passenger-centric digital airport: topic should address the data-driven airport, modeling passenger flows/movements at airports and virtual queueing
  3. Disruptive ATM system modernization: topic should address a rethinking of ATM architecture without worrying about evolution/change management/transition
  4. The integration of new entrants: topic should address airspace classes and flight planning, de-confliction as well as business models, incentivizing or regulatory aspects.

As Engage 2 is committed to fostering a collaborative research environment, each thematic challenge will be accompanied by one or more dedicated thematic workshops. These workshops aim to cultivate a deeper understanding and facilitate discussions among experts in the field.

Additionally, Engage 2 plans to integrate these themes into dedicated sessions at the SESAR Innovation Days, providing a platform to showcase and build upon the best work emerging from these workshops.

Engage 2 is project of the month for the SJU!

Rome – 2nd October 2023 – SESAR has named Engage 2 Project of the Month for October 2023 recognising Engage 2 role in shaping the future of ATM research and innovation.

In its periodic e-News, SESAR has presented Engage 2 as the project that will foster knowledge transfer between academia and industry within the ATM sector thanks to all the activities that will be implemented in the coming four years. Read the e-news.

The Engage 2 Wiki has been highlighted as the initiative that will ensure a streamlined flow of information and resources across the field, designed to serve as a comprehensive repository of ATM research, featuring data from various completed SESAR projects.

Moreover, the support to SESAR initiatives like the SESAR Innovation Days and the Digital Academy was emphasised by referring to the achievement of Engage 2 predecessor, Engage KTN.

The 13th EASN International Conference in Salerno, a significant hub for innovation and collaboration in aviation

Rome, 13 September 2023The 13th EASN International Conference, held from September 5th to 8th 2023 in Salerno (Italy) concluded with success. This year’s event brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, gathering more than 400 participants from all over Europe’s most important aeronautics framework. The conference’s blend of academia, industry, and government representatives fostered comprehensive discussions, offering actionable insights for future advancements.

EASN, partner of Engage 2, planned the Agenda taking into consideration the importance of highlighting collaborative research’s importance in aviation. Collaborative research and the promotion of synergies between different aviation sectors are topics at the core of Engage 2, which aims to emphasise the need for a unified approach to address the complex challenges of the aviation sector.

Overall, the 13th EASN International Conference in Salerno marked a significant step in promoting collaborative efforts and innovative research in the field of aeronautics.

Engage 2 launches its new social media profiles

Rome, 3rd July 2023 – Engage 2 is set to expand its digital presence with the launch of two major social media platforms, X and LinkedIn. Stay ahead in the world of ATM by following our Engage 2 profiles, your go-to sources for the latest updates, insights, and developments in the field.

X,  the platform previously known as Twitter, will continue the legacy of the former Engage KNT. This transition represents a commitment to maintaining a strong connection with the already established community, providing ongoing updates and insights into the project developments.

In a strategic move to increase its reach, Engage 2 is also launching a brand-new LinkedIn profile. Over the next four years, this profile will serve as a dynamic hub for sharing the project milestones, disseminating news about relevant events and raising awareness about critical issues in the ATM sector. LinkedIn presence aims to foster a deeper understanding and engagement among professionals and stakeholders in the industry.

These social media channels are expected to become central in keeping the community informed and engaged, as Engage 2 continues to drive innovation and progress in the field of ATM.

Join our growing community today and be a part of the conversation shaping the future of aviation!

Engage 2: the new project to strengthen SESAR Digital Academy and Aviation Workforce Development

Rome – 16th June 2023 – The European project Engage 2 has just kicked off in Rome on June 13th and 14th. Building upon the achievements of its predecessor, the Engage Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), it aims to support the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking (S3JU) and contribute to the development and implementation of the SESAR Digital Academy (SDA).

The kick-off meeting in Rome set the stage for the consortium members to commence their collaborative efforts and solidify their commitment to advancing the aviation industry. Engage 2 aims to inspire, educate, and transform the next generation of aviation professionals, ensuring they possess the necessary skills to thrive in the digital era. By forging strong alliances between research and operational implementation, Engage 2 will undoubtedly contribute to the evolution of the SESAR Digital Academy and shape the future of air traffic management.

The SESAR Digital Academy, established by the SESAR 2020 Joint Undertaking, seeks to equip the next generation of aviation professionals in preparation for the digital economy. Engage 2 will play a vital role in this mission, leveraging the success of Engage KTN’s previous 4.5 years of work, while also welcoming new strategic partners to further enhance its capabilities.

Engage 2 will foster cross-fertilization of knowledge by drawing from other disciplines and encouraging innovative, future-oriented, and unconventional research within the domain of ATM. A central focus will be the further development of the ATM concepts roadmap, which will serve as a core element of the Engage wiki—a valuable resource for the aviation community. This collaborative effort will strengthen the ties between cutting-edge research and the operational challenges faced by SESAR.

Join the project on LinkedIn and Twitter and sign up to our community.